Valpolicella Winery

Everything started back in the summer of 1993, when we purchased an old farmhouse surrounded by three hectares of vineyards and two hectares of olive groves, to become our home. After just two months we had our first harvest to cope with, without any knowledge of how to prune, harvest and store this precious fruit: the grape.

Initially the vintage was a joyous event to share with our friends and collaborators, but soon our vision and passion made us dream we could become real producers.

Only in the year 2000 – after completing the renovation of the farmhouse and its underground cellar – did we turn to the prestigious Oenology Institute of San Michele all’Adige, in Trento, to find a young enologist to join us in this our new wine-producing. Diego Bertoni took up the challenge and is still our enologist.

Why Bugiardo?

Soon afterwards – to understand if our passion could already express quality – we decided to call an experienced sommelier, who – after tasting our “Ripasso”– congratulated us on the characteristics of this delicious wine, confusing it with an Amarone.

When he was told that wine was not an Amarone, but rather a Ripasso, he exclaimed astonished:
Alfredo Buglioni welcomed the exclamation with a smile and decided to call the wine “Il Bugiardo”, a name which would soon become the symbol of our Winery and Resort.

Valpolicella as our Origins
Wine for Passion
Quality as a Choice
Hospitality as a Calling
Excellence as our Ambition